Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS
Relax 2-Man—LS


Relax 2-Man—LS

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The newly redesigned Relax™ 2-Man—LS ladder stand provides way more comfort to previously long and cramped hunts. The Relax™ 2-Man—LS features a TearTuff™ mesh seat that fits 2 hunters with ease. The treestand also comes with a 16” deep platform and flip-back padded shooting rail, this makes entering and exiting the treestand a breeze. The stand has an overall height to the shooting rail of 16’10” allowing plenty of height for both hunters to be concealed in the tree. Sit back and “relax” on your next hunting expedition from the comfort of the Relax™ 2-Man—LS ladder stand! The newly integrated Lockdown™ Strapping System is a safety feature you won’t want to hunt without! This system allows the hunter to securely attach the treestand to the tree before they ever have to leave the ground. No longer will you have to think about who’s holding the base of the ladder on that first initial climb. The newly redesigned Relax™ 2-Man—LS allows the user to not only hunt safer but hunt smarter.  

Height to Shooting Rail 16'10"
Height to Seat 15'6"
Seat Dimensions (W x D) 40" x 14.5"
Seat Height 17"
Height to Platform  14'1"
Platform Size (W x D) 43" x 16"
Ladder Stance 17"
Ladder Sections 3 (52" each)
Step Distance 16"
Weight 80 lb.
Capacity 500 lb.
Tree Diameter Range 12" - 20" 
Full Body Harness Yes (1)
  • Features the Lockdown™ Strapping System allowing you to ratchet your stand securely to the tree from the ground
  • TearTuff™ mesh seat for all day hunting
  • 16” deep platform for extra room
  • Flip-back, padded shooting rail for easy entry
  • Height adjustable shooting rail
  • Includes adjustable length stabilizer bar

 WARNING! Cancer & Reproductive Harm