Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

It is not recommended to leave your product installed for long periods of time. Animals, weather, vandals, or other environmental factors can negatively affect the performance or safe use of your treestand. Tree growth can stress and damage supporting straps, chains, and/or buckles. You should always inspect your stand for signs of wear, damage, deterioration, or vandalism before using it. Using your stand with any of this damage may result in serious injury or death. Damage caused by any of these factors is not covered by the warranty and replacement parts would need to be purchased.

The rated weight capacity of our treestands includes your body weight plus any additional gear and clothing you are using.

No, you should always use at least three (3) people to install or take down a ladder treestand.

Depending on where the noise is coming from, often times powder graphite, petroleum jelly or silicone spray will help prevent noise, wear and rust; especially at pivot points.

No, because our ladder stands are certified to meet ASTM standards at their original height. Therefore, we do not sell additional ladder sections to use as extensions for ladder stands.

For ladder sections you will be required to sign a waiver stating one or more of the ladder sections has been damaged or lost and needs to be replaced. Therefore, you must call our customer service department at 800-345-6007 to place an order for a replacement ladder section.

To learn more about treestand safety click here.

You can find your product manual at

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Rivers Edge® offers a standard 1-year limited warranty to be free from defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover products that have been modified or abused. Minor fading in color is normal and is not covered by warranty. Your product must be registered for warranty coverage.

Visit to register your treestand for warranty. Be prepared to provide your model number and serial number at time of registration.

Click here to view where you can find your batch number on your Rivers Edge® product.

It is a serial number for the Interactive Warning System (IWS). This serial number you can register on the IWS website to receive automated reminders to replace straps, cables, etc. in the future. This is not your treestand batch number.

Yes, you should replace straps and/or cables every two years or when any signs of damage of wear exist before.

Yes, you can purchase parts to replace lost or damaged parts. Visit us at for your service needs. Be prepared to provide your model number and batch number to search for parts.

Lockdown™ Ladder Stands

It’s a way to secure your ladder to the tree before ever leaving the ground. Here’s 5 reasons why Ground-Level Ratcheting Technology beats traditional “jaw systems”

1. It's more secure

2. Works regardless of tree diameter

3. Easier to use

4. Safe to take down

5. More solid when fully installed

This patent pending shooting rail found on the Lockdown ladders is fully adjustable for length, height and can tuck-away into the designated slot on the platform. You won’t need to worry about flipping it up against the tree and having it in your way for vertical bow hunting.

Our Lockdown ladders feature vinyl dipped shooting rails, footrests and armrests for silent durability. It dampens noise and rodents won’t chew on it. Plus, it lasts for a long time even in outdoor elements.

Product Features & Accessories

Similarly constructed like patio furniture, the material is fade resistant, won’t rot and is extremely strong and comfortable. Plus, rodents won’t chew on it since they are typically attracted to foam found in traditional padded seats.

This is a textured sand grain that is permanently glued onto the top surface of many of our Big Foot™ Climbing Aids to offer superior grip and traction. It won’t flake or fall off like traditional slip tape does.

The fabric is a marine grade reinforced synthetic tarpaulin, made from the same rugged materials used in pick-up truck tonneau covers. This material is weather-resistant, won’t fade and won’t rot.

We do offer a curtain/blind option for some of our products. Please visit our accessories section of our website to see current options.