Lockdown™ 21&
Lockdown™ 21&
Lockdown™ 21&
Lockdown™ 21&
Lockdown™ 21&
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Lockdown™ 21' 2-Man

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The Lockdown™ 21’ 2-Man, a big, comfortable treestand. Featuring a unique no-split TearTuff™ bench seat that eliminates the uncomfortable bar in the center giving you a true 1 or 2 man seat option. In addition, this stand features the Ultimate Shooting Rail™ that can be adjusted for both height and length based on your personal preference and weapon choice. This unique design also allows you to tuck the shooting rail away into a designated slot on the platform, perfect for bowhunting. At 21’ tall the Lockdown™ 21’ 2-Man ladder stand features added height bowhunters prefer. No longer will you have to trade security for height with our line of Lockdown™ ladder stands. You can ratchet the platform tight to the tree before ever leaving the ground, with our patent pending Ground-Level Ratcheting™ technology. This clever system allows the user to pull the platform straps up to the top of the stand while standing on the ground and ratchet them tight to the tree.
Height to Shooting Rail 20'6"
Height to Seat 19'5"
Seat Dimensions (W x D) 41.5" x 16"
Seat Height 17"
Height to Platform  18'
Platform Size (W x D) 42" x 32.5"
Ladder Stance 20"
Ladder Sections 5 (44" each)
Step Distance 13.5"
Weight 129 lb.
Capacity 500 lb.
Tree Diameter Range 12" - 30" 
Full Body Harness Yes (2)
  • MORE SECURE – The Lockdown™ Ground-Level Ratcheting Technology allows you to ratchet your stand securely to the tree by pulling the top of the stand into the tree just like a conventional ratchet strap but allows you to do it from the ground.
  • 21’ HEIGHT – Allows you to get up high to eliminate detection without compromising comfort.
  • UNIQUE NO-SPLIT TEARTUFF™ MESH SEAT – Comfortable for two or an individual hunter…go ahead and sit right in the middle for more comfort and concealment.
  • BIG & COMFORTABLE – Oversized TearTuff™ mesh seat and extra-large platform for all day sits.
  • THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING RAIL™ - Can be adjusted for both height and length based on your terrain and personal preference. The shooting rail and footrest can be tucked away into the designated slot on the platform. 
  • ROCK-SOLID STRUCTURE – Built with octagonal ladder rails, LadderLock™ connections, and a 3rd ladder rail making this the stiffest and most sturdy ladder stand in the industry.
  • QUIET – Vinyl dipped parts for improved durability and quiet operation.

 WARNING! Cancer & Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


    Lockdown™ Treestands are overbuilt providing a rock-solid structure. They feature oversized TearTuff™ mesh seats, extra-large platforms, and wide armrests making it the most comfortable seat in the woods.

    Featuring the ultimate shooting rail™


    Adjustable length; extend out for rifle or bring it in tight for close or downward angled shots.


    Adjust vertically for the height you need based on terrain and personal preference.


    Vertical bow hunters can get it completely out of the way by flipping it down and tucking it into the designated slot on the platform.



    Ratchet the platform tight to the tree before ever leaving the ground.