Relax Wide™

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The Relax Wide™ ladder stand features an extra-wide, TearTuff™ mesh seat that brings all day comfort for those extra-long hunts. For extra room, this stand also features a 23" wide platform and a removable, padded shooting rail. Sit back and relax on your next hunt with the Relax Wide™ ladder stand.
Height to Shooting Rail 16'9"
Height to Seat 15'5"
Seat Dimensions (W x D) 24" x 14.5"
Seat Height 18"
Height to Platform  13'11"
Platform Size (W x D) 23" x 13"
Ladder Stance 17"
Ladder Sections 3 (52" each)
Step Distance 16.5"
Weight 59 lb.
Capacity 300 lb.
Tree Diameter Range 12" - 20" 
Full Body Harness Yes (1)
  • Extra-wide, TearTuff™ mesh seat for all day hunting
  • 23" wide platform for extra room
  • Removable padded shooting rail
  • Includes ratchet strap and criss-cross stability straps
  • Includes adjustable length stabilizer bar

 WARNING! Cancer & Reproductive Harm